Batch No. 28
Raw Fermented Sonoma Hot Sauce
by Sonoma Hot SauceSanta Rosa, CA
100% Sonoma Sourced Ingredients grown with love in the California sun. The perfect way to Warm your Loved One's Heart!
$20-Two 5 oz Bottles

Deb Rock is a woman on a mission … Deb Rock is inventing a new food category called the “Community Condiment” and at the end of the day, she intends create a line of local foods that inspire community pride and regional ingredients. Hence, Sonoma Hot Sauce was born. Deb encourages small and backyard farmers to grow the organic peppers needed to create and scale each batch of Sonoma Hot Sauce, then holds community harvesting events to start the process. She wants the flavorful sauces to appear on every table in Sonoma, reflecting the pride of the people that live and work in the fields, vineyards and community. Thus creating economic resiliency for all.

Deb is now offering a limited quantity of her latest small batch of Sonoma Hot Sauce, which is a raw fermented hot sauce. Deb and her team worked tirelessly on creating these sauces in Sonoma County throughout the recent Wine Country Wildfires.

Sonoma Hot Sauce Small Batch Details: 

  • Hyper local and made from 100% organically grown Sonoma Sourced Peppers at Darling Farms on Petaluma Hill Road and are harvested at the peak of ripeness.

  • Sonoma Hot Sauce is then blended and left to ferment for 101 days.

  • Sonoma Hot Sauce is full of probiotic goodness.

  • Sonoma Hot Sauce has never been heated and must be refrigerated upon opening.

How You Will Help:

Here’s the long and short of it all… by supporting her current small batch of hot sauce, Deb is able to move quickly into producing the next batch, called Firestorm Hot Sauce. This sauce was born immediately after the Sonoma County wildfires, from peppers spared by the fires. Harvested with emergency in Oct 2017.  Normalizing the farming, production and sales of Sonoma Hot Sauce helps support the farming communities so deeply affected by these fires.  Participating in her small batch event on Barnraiser allows Deb to have key income from one batch of sauces to support the creation of the next batch, the Firestorm Hot Sauce.   

About Sonoma Hot Sauce:

Sonoma County is the largest county in Northern California and home to 27,000 immigrants and a vibrant web of vineyards and wineries. But did you know only 20% of Sonoma farm land is being farmed for food? The goal of Sonoma Hot Sauce is to create a community condiment that encourages small and backyard farmers to grow the organic peppers needed to scale Sonoma Hot Sauce. We hope that the flavorful sauce that we create together will be on every table in our community reflecting the pride of the people that live and work in our fields, vineyards and community thus creating economic resiliency for us all.


Sonoma Hot Sauce looks forward to the day that proud immigrants grow healthy food for this planet, so we hope to connect the dots between our nations need for younger farmers and the demand for organic produce that is outpacing production. Why not look to the fields to find the future farmers that this country needs.  America is looking for farmers to replace our aging farmer population, look no further.  And the children of our farm workers are bright, college educated and raised with expansive ideas on how to make growing and harvesting food humanely and profitable for future generations.  We will take our community condiment program county by county, and grow a movement teaching next generation farmers at the same time.  So let’s start here in sunny California! California is home to all 5 U.S. counties that are GMO free. We have the largest Latino population and also grow 43% of our nation’s food.  

Someday soon, we will sit down to a communal meal and after a grateful prayer, pour Sonoma hot sauce on it.

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