BOCCHI THE ROCK! – New visuals for the compilation films released


A new visual has been released on the official X account for the compilation films of the anime “BOCCHI THE ROCK!“.

The first part “BOCCHI THE ROCK! Re:” is scheduled for release in spring 2024, while the second part “BOCCHI THE ROCK! Re:Re:” will be launched in summer 2024. No further details about the clips are known.

Bocchi the Rock! Movie Visual

The anime adaptation of “BOCCHI THE ROCK!” was created by animation studio CloverWorks. Keiichiro Saito (e.g. Sonny Boy) was entrusted with the task of directing, while Erika Yoshia (e.g. Tower of God) wrote the script for the series. Kerorira (Wonder Egg Priority, among others) was responsible for the character design. The series celebrated its TV premiere in Japan on October 8, 2022.

Aki Hamaji launched the 4-panel manga “BOCCHI THE ROCK!” back in December 2017 in Houbunsha’s “Manga Time Kirara Max” magazine. In Japan, the story comprises six volumes so far. There are currently more than two million copies of the manga in circulation.

The series has also been given a spin-off series focusing on Kikuri Hiroi. The title of the spin-off manga is “Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden – Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki” (English: Bocchi the Rock! Side Story – Hiroi Kikuri’s Heavy Drinking Diary). The first chapter was published on the “Comic Fuz” website on Sunday, July 9, 2023. Aki Hamaji is responsible for the story, while Kumichou is in charge of the artwork. The story revolves around Kikuri Hiroi, the bassist of the indie band Sickhack. Her worries about the future give her a big headache, which she drowns in alcohol. Accompany her in her everyday life!


High school student Hitori Gotou has recently started learning guitar and already dreams of playing in a band one day. However, she is very shy, which is why she hasn’t made a single friend yet. Her big dream could become reality when she meets drummer Nijika Ijichi, who is looking for a new guitarist for her band.

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